BetRobot test – can we increase our bitcoins 6% daily?

The BetRobot test

This is not a post about how I earned lots of BTC without having to do anything but it will be my attempt to do so along with the results. Everything I do will be logged in the end of this post with date stamps so that you can see the results based on my actions.

I am posting this because of all the suspicions and curiosities out there around BetRobot. I totally understand it and that is why I am making this blog, investing does not only mean that you are taking the risk of losing your money if what you invest in lost value but there is also a risk of getting scammed. A service might seem legit but behind the scenes it’s just a scam. I am also doing this to get referrals but it’ll be an honest blog about the progress made so if I made money then you can too, and it will be all up to you based on facts instead of wishful thinking.

I can of course not guarantee that you will earn money so never invest more then you can afford to lose!


First off, many of you probably already know what Telegram is. It is a messaging service where you can build intractable bots for different purposes.


There is one bot on this application called BetRobot. It works in such ways that it places sports bets called “sure bets”, “arbitarge bets” or “arbitarge betting”. It bets on both sides of an odds betting where the cost of both bets combined is lower than the wins of either one of the bets you make. You will have it clearly explained in this video. OddsPortal is one page where you can do this yourself without going through BetRobot.

BetRobot does the above betting for you and gives you 6% of the profits it makes in 24 hours using your money and keeps everything above that for itself (there is also a 1% withdrawal fee). So what you are paying for is to have this done automatically for you. This means that you will get your investment and a little more back in 17 days if you just let it be. If your profits are above a certain limit there is a “reinvest” button that will put your profits as an investment and your next daily profits then equals 6% of that new total invested amount.

How to get BetRobot up and running:

  • Install Telegram on either your computer or your android/ios device
  • Click this link which will take you to a page that gives you access to the bot in the Telegram app
  • Look in Telegram and accept the bot in the app by pressing “start” in the bottom section
  • Pick your preferred language
  • In the bottom you will then see a bunch of options (click the icon next to the text field if you don’t)
  • Click the “Invest” button to receive the address where you send your bitcoins
  • When the transfer has been completed you can click the “My balance” button to see your investments and profits
  • Wait for profits… 🙂

My BetRobot story

Scroll to bottom for the latest update.

May 18th 2017 (day 1):

Initially I invested 0.05 BTC (0.02 is minimum). screenshot

I could then see that my first investment was registered with the bot. screenshot

A couple hours later I noticed that it gave me 1% profit, that’s because it spreads the daily 6% gain with 1% each 4 hours. screenshot

After having spoken with some people in the community chat channel I gained some more confidence in the system and decided that I can afford risking 0.1 BTC more. I did another investment of 0.1 BTC totalling in 0.15 BTC and later this day I received my second profits. screenshot

May 19 2017 (day 2):

Today we have reached a total profit of 0.010999 BTC. Not what I expected but I assume the bot makes bets with fiat money so I’ll get the BTC value of todays earnings based on todays BTC standing. screenshot

We have also gained 5 referrals which is pretty cool! screenshot

I hope to be able to do a withdrawal tomorrow already since 0.02 is the minimum withdrawal limit.

May 20 2017 (day 3):

I was wrong about the withdrawal limit, it was 0.01 minimum. The total amount earned also has matched up to the initial investment. screenshot

I have done my first withdrawal of 0.02. It has not completed yet using a Jaxx wallet but I will mention the time it took in my next update.

May 21 2017 (day 4):

So the withdrawal took me less then 2h nad the 1% withdrawal fee has been applied. screenshot

The profit amount now also adds up to 6% daily. screenshot

May 22 2017 (day 5):

Today I made another withdrawal. screenshot

Not too long after that they increased the minimum withdrawal limit all the way up to 0.5 BTC. I am not sure why but for me this raises a red flag as it will take much longer for me to break even, at least twice as long. Will I get scammed before I can break even? My plan was to withdraw as soon as I could until I broke even but now I will start reinvesting every 0.02 that I earn until I get 0.075 daily which will take me at least 40 days. After that it will take another 7 days until I can make my withdrawal which will even give me some profit.

My current balance is 0.0045 BTC. screenshot

May 23 2017 (day 6):

So the minimal wihtdrawal increase yesterday was not as bad as I thought. They only did it temporarily to decrease the amount of withdrawals while they were working off a giant queue of small withdrawals and would lower it again only after a few hours. I feel better about BetRobot today but will still do some reinvestments rather then withdrawals, because it’s boring to just withdraw everything.

The new limits of the bot is:

  • Minimum invest: 0.03 BTC
  • Minimum withdraw: 0.05 BTC
  • Minimum reinvest: 0.02 BTC

My account balance must be 0.02 before I can reinvest, so it will happen tomorrow. screenshot

A lot of people are afraid that the BetRobot went dead today because the withdrawals are broken but I am not so sure yet. We will for sure stay a while to find out. This is the message from the makers of the bot and this is a message from the admin in the community chat.

May 24 2017 (day 7):

Today’s update is all about a broken bot. Nothing has happened since yesterday other then a few messages about the bots issue. This morning when I woke up I read an update about the broken bot. Later today we got this message. I still feel confident that the bot has not died and that we can keep this thing going. I will update this blog as soon as there is some news about the state of the bot.

May 25 2017 (day 8):

So, the latest message about the bot is this one and it has to do with hackers. They are saying that we have lost the profits but that they are working on getting the bot back online, and the last message was this one.

Another message later today was just this. So I think that the bot might go online again because I see no reason for them to keep us waiting while they aren’t able to earn any money on us meanwhile. I have also heard from several admins that they have a 2 years plan for the bot. So if it comes back and stays up a while I suggest you guys join as soon as u can to get as much as possible out of it.

May 26 2017 (day 9):

Good news: the bot is back online! The current limits of the bot are:

  • Minimum investment: 0.03 BTC
  • Minimum reinvestment: 0.02 BTC
  • Minimum withdrawal: 0.05 BTC

I will be reinvesting until I earn 0.02 daily which my calculator tells me will take 16 days if I reinvest every occasion but because I have to sleep we can add at least 1 day to that. My current balance is 0.006 so that is only a little more then half a days profits. We’ll see on the 12th of June, 17 days later, what the daily income is. Then it should take me 6 days to break even because I need to withdraw 0.12 BTC more.

May 27 2017 (day 10):

The bot is still running and today we’ve gotten 7 referrals and one of them has invested so we’ve received 15% of that. We have also reinvested 0.02085 BTC. My current balance now displays my newly reinvested profits.

The calculator that I used yesterday to find out how many days it would take to reach a certain BTC/day proved to be wrong, I think it will take less time. I am too lazy to figure out what is wrong with it today but eventually I will and then share it with you guys, on this blog.

The bot has not gone down again but it has been slow a couple of times today.

May 28 2017 (day 11):

Tonight our balance say 0.008542 BTC. We can’t reinvest again until tomorrow. Taking a look at our history we can see that the bot has been a bit inconsistent. We started out the 18th, all reward logs between then and the 26th are gone but in reality they did happen except for the few days that the bot were offline so we can not confirm that any those rewards are correct. We can see that on the 26th I received 5 rewards while I should have gotten 6. On the 27th we can see that I only got 3 and today (28th) I’ve gotten 5 so far, the 6th should come later today. The only explanation for the missing profits is something that I have seen a lot of people been wondering about. It is related to this message. They are working on resetting the duration of the investments to 30 days but their attempts has failed and it would make sense that they would take the bot offline while doing it to avoid any unforeseen issues. This in turn should make the bot stop registering peoples profits. As mentioned, this is something that I’ve seen many people question. Some say that they do the reset so that we can’t withdraw the initial investments for another 30 days, giving the them more time to get more out of the scam before they close the bot down. Unfortunately I have no good theory to why they would reset this time other then for that reason. If you have an idea or even know the reasons then please leave a comment and I will update this blog with it. If that is true it’s also an indication that it will live close to 30 more days after the reset. It’s another call to invest before it’s too late. You will most probably get a chance to break even if you invest today since they have not reset the duration yet. I am not saying that the bot will expire within 30 days after they have made the reset but please, make sure you really do not invest more then you can afford to lose.

May 29 2017 (day 12):

Earlier today the withdrawal limit was raised to min 1 BTC. That is pretty crazy but it was only temporarily, like last time it got raised, so I assume they were working off some queue of transactions like they were doing last time. When I tried to reinvest today, since I’ve reached the 0.02 min reinvestment limit, I got to deal with this crap. It will put me behind in my plan of reaching 0.02 profits daily. I wish I had more to play with but we’ll see if we can get another test going with the profits we get out of this if we get any at all.

May 30 2017 (day 13):

Not much has happened today since the bot has been offline most part of the day and I haven’t even gotten a single profit tick since it got back online. My balance still holds 0.022198 BTC, waiting for June 1st which is when I can reinvest again.

Current limits of the bot:

  • Min investment: 0.03 BTC
  • Min reinvestment: 0.02 BTC (but only once every 5 days)
  • Min withdrawal: 0.05 BTC

Warning: No profit ticks has been made today. Don’t know why.

May 31 2017 (day 14):

The bot is not offline but it’s not giving me any profit ticks. Is the bot dead? There are no news about it so we can only assume that it is.

Later today I see that the bot is not returning anything when buttons are being pressed. I don’t know why. Is it the end or is it a sign that they have been doing something? Can’t say for sure. Wait and see a couple of days. If it’s down 2-3 days later it’s most likely the end of this bot.

April 01 2017 (day 15):

Check out my new thing.

6 thoughts on “BetRobot test – can we increase our bitcoins 6% daily?

  1. nice, thanks for sharing, I wanna try some bot but they are many and who knows which ones to trust when all people want is referrals, of course they will speak only good things about their bot…

    • Yes, I will always tell you everything about what’s happening to the bot. I have no need for referrals or visitors to this blog if bot had gone down permanently. Update for day 10 has been made.

    • Nice, too bad that site does not show increased gains if we reinvest when we can. I’ll waste some more of my time on my calculator some day ^^

      I would suggest that you withdraw everything as soon as you can unless you feel like this is money that you can play around with. I am reinvesting all for a while because I find it boring to just withdraw and that I can risk losing all of my 0.12 that I haven’t withdrawn already. The excitement is also a reward, using BetRobot is a bit of a gamble 🙂

      • thats a nice tip, i don’t like it to lose to much money, so i think i will really withdraw it as soon as possible.

        and the calculator shows every change to your balance, also with the increased gains because of reinvestments. you have to scroll down to the table, on the right side you see the reinvestments if you set “reinvest until profit” to maybe 1btc.

  2. Ohh, I get it now, thank you. So it will take me about 12 days if I did it right and that will be on May 9th. Yes, this calculator is better then mine, thank you, I will be using it from now.

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