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October 08 2017:

New referral count update and proof of payout.

Free bitcoin referrals

October 05 2017:

The option that lets you earn commission back based on last weeks activity does not seem to work as expected. People seem to always get 100% of what referral commission they have produced themselves and not from the combined pools workload. I will set the returned commission rate to 95% for a week or two just to see how it affects the payouts.

October 01 2017:

Another week has been payed out and at they’ve finally changed back to the easier to solve captcha for the free rolls so that you won’t have to type 8 random characters but simply click the checkbox to kick the roll off.

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September 24 2017:

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September 17 2017:

Another week of commission has been returned to you guys. I will try to get referral count up this week so keep on rolling people. Since Bitcoins are increasing in value we are getting lower amounts per roll. This may then seem like the activity in this team is decreasing while it’s really not. This was a good week, thank you all and hope you get some big rolls in.

How to get free bitcoins

September 11 2017:

This weeks rolls has been wrapped up and all referral gains has been sent back to you guys.

free bitcoins
Free bitcoin referrals 2014-09-11

September 05 2017:

Today’s picture to show last weeks referral gains and payouts.

How to get free bitcoins again website

August 27 2017:

Some new referrals and another payout.

How to get bitcoins 2017

August 21 2017:

Another week has been rolled out and congrats to all payouts, good job and don’t give up. See the section about how to make your bitcoins grow to further increase your gains.

How to get free bitcoins 2018

August 16 2017:

As promised, I have added a new section to this page sharing a bit about how to make your Bitcoins grow even further. Check out the new Bitcoin Growth section.

August 13 2017:

Great week, I got another payout from my rolls this week and I hope a bunch of you did as well.

How to get Free Bitcoins

August 07 2017:

Proof of payouts for this week.


July 31 2017:

Another good week for the rollers, I know a few more has been able to get some payouts this week, congrats to all of you.

How to get bitcoins referral count

July 24 2017:

This weeks rolling has been good and the mission to get high in google rankings is still in progress. I know some of you have gotten your payouts from this thing so congrats to you all. Some time in August I will write about what further can be done to make your bitcoins grow without having to invest anything but a bit of your time. This is how our stats looks like today:

Hot to get bitcoins

July 16 2017:

This week has been good. A bunch of new people has joined the team and they have been rolling like crazy. Here comes the proof of payout for this week.

How to get bitcoins

July 11 2017:

Boom! 100!


Don’t give up on the rolling people, this team is getting larger so keep the rolls going! I know some has started slacking but getting back at it will help us get higher numbers and then we’ll also be able to convert more people, because we’re all coming here for the money, which in turn will give you all hard working rollers even more profits. I will be releasing a tutorial for how to further make your bitcoins grow without investing anything when I have the time and I will create a new menu on this site when that happens so keep your eyes open within the next few weeks. I suggest you roll and gather up so that you have enough to make it work by then.

Remember, the rewards will only be low in the beginning and without people rolling we won’t really get anywhere, so keep it up!

Thank you all for your hard work!

July 09 2017:

This week we have grown and gotten pretty close to 100 referrals! Expect next proof of payout to have a 3 digit referral count. I have a feeling that this whole thing is going to turn in to a pretty good way of getting free bitcoins since about 50% of this sites visitors decides joins the team. Now all we need is more visitors. Any help in sharing would be much appreciated and would increase yours, mine and everybody else’s Bitcoins gains!

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July 07 2017:

This weeks payouts looks like the last weeks, no bigger gains in referral count this week but it means nothing to me, I am not giving up.

Free Bitcoins gathered by referrals

June 25 2017:

This weeks proof of free Bitcoin payouts looks like this and we now have 86 referrals. A lot of rolls has been made, more then 60% of the total commission was made in this week only, this shows that a lot of new people are going for it and want this to work just as bad as me. Keep it up and we’ll make this awesome free Bitcoin machine happen.

Getting free bitcoins

June 20 2017:

Today we have reached 80 referrals and this weeks rolling has already kicked off. Great to see, good luck to you all, hope to see some big prizes this week.

Get free bitcoins counting of referrals

June 18 2017:

Here comes this weeks proof of payout and update about having 77 referrals so far. The work to get the site to show up in google searches is still in progress.

Proof of getting bitcoins

June 16 2017:

Today we have reached 72 referrals and many of you are rolling every day, I can see it on the weekly commission gathered so far. Good job everybody and keep it up for the future of this experiment. There are still much more people to come.

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June 14 2017:

This site has started taking shape and is ready to replace the old blog style site. Update your bookmarks to use since the old blog won’t be updated anymore.

We currently have 68 people in the team!

Bitcoin referrals

June 13 2017:

Here is the proof of 100% commission payout that I forgot to post yesterday. As you can see we now have 64 people rolling for the win.

Referrals get Bitcoins

We have gotten the domain which will help us get much more referrals. Next up is to remake this site in to something less linear, I want a sectioned off website which can hold much more information about relevant stuff without making the site too long so that I can explain in more detail how this experiment is supposed to work a long with answering some other questions that people new to bitcoins might be asking. I think that covering the people that doesn’t yet fully understand everything (or anything) about bitcoins is key to making this team grow to the numbers that I aim for.

After that we’ll have to focus on SEO. That means we’ll need to find the keywords we want to be found in google when searched for and then make them count. It is not super easy and won’t happen over night but once I’ve set it up we’ll eventually climb the google search results and become the number one free bitcoin machine.

I am super excited about this but it will need to take some time. Be patient people and the green days will come to you eventually, thank you for sitting back and keeping the rolls going.

June 12 2017:

These are some of the yesterdays payouts:

Referrals getting commission

To find out someones bonus you do:

total (commissions) – recent (commissions)

And if the above equals the total of “share received” it means that this person joined the team last week and are not able to get any bonus yet. If not then the difference between the result of the above calculation and total of “shares received” is the extra BTC earned from being part of the team. It’s not amazing yet but eventually it will be. We just have to be persistent with this experiment.

June 11 2017:

Now we have 62 referrals. Not much gains since last update because I’ve been busy working on the big changes that will make this experiment gain much more attention from more relevant people. Spamming the link to this blog everywhere only gets you that many signups but if people found this site because they were searching for it, it will get much more exposure from the right kind of people. I plan to have something set in motion next week. On daytime I work as a web developer so I do have the skills required to make this happen on my own. Just give me some time and don’t stop rolling. I can see that much more BTC is being rolled in as the number of referrals grow. What you see under “RECENT” is what you guys have been given me in commission and is what will be returned to you later today based on your activities here. We can also see that this weeks commissions has more then doubled since last week, that is amazing. Good job people.

I will be travelling most of the day today so I’ll probably update you with some of the peoples shares tomorrow as this week the commission returned will be basted on last weeks activities. We’ll get to see how that looks like.

Referrals getting Bitcoins


June 08 2017:

Well done guys, keep on rolling!

Free Bitcoins


June 06 2017:

Today we have 52 referrals and more people seem to be popping up consistently. Keep it up people and soon we’ll be the biggest team of them all. There is someone who has over 80 000 referrals but none of the big fishes has any return in commission so I believe that we’ll be able to beat all these people easily if we just get enough exposure. I will be spending time and money making this page in to something a bit more appealing and easy to read along with some SEO stuff for google rankings. I believe that we’ll be able to get much more people joining up then.

Free Bitcoin payout


June 04 2017:

So, the first payout has been made but I seem to have misunderstood something. There is a checkbox that says “Share amount based on referral activity since last payout”. I now believe that this means that the first week all gets 100% payout of the commission you gathered and not based on activity. The activity bonus will happen the next week and it will then be based on the previous weeks activity. I read the checkbox more carefully since I found it strange that all got only their gathered commission back and nobody got any bonus, and I now believe that “since last payout” means it’s based on the previous weeks activity, makes sense right? I also believe that this applies to every person that joins, the first week you joined might only get 100% of your own gathered commission without any bonus or risk of less returns.

This is how it looks after a payout. Not really much but we’re all in on this for the long run since it’ll only be great if we are really many people in the same team. Keep on rolling people and every week should get better. I’ll make the referrals increase, you just keep rolling.

Free bitcoin referrals

It does not look like 100% returned but that is because I had a referral before I started this experiment. That referral then gathered some commission and its amount was added to the total value. It is 100% commission returned since we started this blog so it will always be about 2500 satoshi off until we reach 1000 referrals which is when I might lower the percentage returned a little, but never ever below 95%, so that I also can get something out of this.

Thank you all for participating and I’m sorry if I accidentally tricked any of you the first week, I can be stupid at times. Next week should work as I thought it would for those already signed up. I have sent the people running this website a question about it and will let you know what they reply with ASAP so that we’re not just guessing here. Check this blog out again tomorrow and we might know for sure.

June 03 2017:

Today we have reached 38 referrals and plenty of you have started rolling. At this rate we will hit 100 pretty soon and I’m curious to see what can be earned if we are that many.

Free Bitcoin Referral Count

June 02 2017:

Today we have 23 referrals, which is nice. I want to remind you guys that none of you have to share my referral link. I’ll do the job but I’d appreciate if it happens.

Free bitcoin referrals

I will not make daily updates forever because eventually there won’t be anything interesting to share every day. In the beginning I will to show the referral increase rates, so that we can get some more believers and signups. Thank you all for joining and most importantly rolling.

June 01 2017:

I’ll start off with showing what I already have, not much and I have not shared much of the commission with my one and only referral because it’s my brother who joined as my referral before I had this idea.

First day

And at the end of the first day we have reached 10 referrals, some of which has started rolling a bit. It’s far from enough, but, it’s just the beginning! The payout will happen on Sunday so keep rolling people and each week it will grow as we get more referrals to join in. Too bad my own rolls doesn’t count because I’m rolling all day long myself.

Referral count after day one