Bitcoin Growth

There are ways to make your Bitcoins grow safely and there are ways which is also quite risky. By risky I mean that you can actually lose all your Bitcoins by doing it. We’ll talk a little about a few ways making your bitcoins grow and also take a look at if it’s risky or not.

On this website you can just let your Bitcoins be and you will be earning 4% annually. This is not a lot, especially if you don’t do any investment yourself so it’s not worth it at all if what you do is just the free rolls. It is very safe as this site has been running for many years already.

You can also use the gambling section of this site to make your bitcoins grow but this is extremely risky. You can not expect to earn anything at all by gambling your coins.


Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange service. You can come here to buy altcoins for your Bitcoins. If you read some good news about an altcoin that you then think will rise in price you may go to this site and buy this coin. This is risky because some news are fake and spread for people like you and me to put our money in to an altcoin that won’t truly rise in price but rather get a short spike that will quickly go down again. After you’ve bought an altcoin for your Bitcoin which has gained value you may sell this coin and get more Bitcoins back. This entire process is also risky since it’s never certain that the price will go the way you thought, but on Poloniex there is another way for you to make your Bitcoins grow. A safe way which is something that I’d recommend because of how automated it is.

You can lend your Bitcoins to people on poloniex. Lending is safe and you may earn up to 2% daily if you are lucky. The person lending your bitcoins will by the sites system be prevented from lending more Bitcoins then can be payed back. Therefore you’ll never lose any bitcoins by lending them to someone. What you do is that you lend your bitcoins to other users on this site and you choose up to how long you want to be lending your bitcoins (max 60 days) and at what rate. When the time limit expire or when the person lending the bitcoins close the deal the profits will be handed to you which then give you more money to lend out next time. This lending deal can be set to be re-listed automatically so after one order ends your Bitcoins will automatically get listed for others to lend again with the same parameters (excluding the profits from the last finished order which you have not included to be lent). It is a very good way to make your bitcoins grow and requires very little maintenance time. You may set up shop and walk away, when you come back you may set up shop again but including your profits to earn more profits next time someone lend your Bitcoins.

Keeping the Bitcoins in your wallet

This is not directly a way of having your Bitcoins grow but at the time of writing the Bitcoin currency is rising in value quite rapidly (2017-08-16) and is therefore worth mentioning. Keeping your Bitcoins in your wallet and waiting for a rise in price is risky but can give you a bigger payout once you decide to sell your Bitcoins for your country’s national currency (fiat money).